Rules of behavior

February 10, 2017

The high level of customer service on board on behalf of the crew is a continuous concern of Fly One. Therefore, certain rules of behavior have been established and elaborated in compliance with the recommendations of the international organizations, which will help achieve this target.

In order to respect the internal policy and rules of behavior, during all of the flights and prior to them, the company will use the following rules:

  • All of the behavior rules’ infringements on behalf of the passengers will not be left without consequences, with zero tolerance (The Zero Tolerance Policy)
  • The crew on the ground and in the air will have rights and empowerments, necessary to prevent the rules infringements
  • The company will help the authorities in holding the offender accountable and apply the necessary sanctions

The passengers are entitled to:

  • Ask for the available services during the flight, on the board of the airplane where the passenger is at the moment

The passengers are obliged to:

  • Unconditionally comply with the crew’s requirements
  • Comply with the security, discipline and order rules

The passengers are prohibited to:

  • Create situations that would endanger the security of the flight, life and physical integrity of the passengers and crew members, verbally insult or physically attack the passengers or crew members
  • Consume alcoholic drinks, other than the ones served on the airplane’s board
  • Use the saving equipment without the proper indications of the crew
  • Use the electronic devices or communication means during the driving, take off and landing of the airplane
  • Deteriorate the company’s goods and take them off the airplane’s board
  • Smoke on board

In case of infringing the requirements of the present Rules, the national and international aerial legislation, as well as the Rules of Behavior of the Passengers of Fly One stipulate the possibility of applying the following sanctions:

  • Discontinue the serving of the alcoholic drinks to the passengers that are drunk and confiscate throughout the flight’s duration the alcoholic drinks owned by them
  • Disembark the passenger-offender in the closest landing point. In case of an unplanned landing, the passenger will pay the material prejudices brought to the company Fly One as consequence of a forced landing, as a result of the passenger’s inadequate behavior
  • Turn in the conflicting passenger to the authorities, no matter which country it lands in
  • Ask for compensation of the material damages caused to the company as a consequence of goods’ deterioration by the passenger
  • Cancel the transportation contract, without compensating the expenses and introduce the interdiction of using this company’s services by the passenger

The company Fly One is entitled to refuse a transport to the passenger whose documents don’t comply with the laws, rules, ordinances, requirements or conditions.

Important! The airplanes that are on the ground, subordinate to the laws of the country on whose territory it is on. The laws of the country in which the airplane is registered are applicable on its board only during the flight.

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