Privacy policy of the Fly One LLC regarding personal data protection

February 10, 2017

“Fly One” LLC  as author, owner and administrator of respects the privacy and security of personal data processing of each person that visits this site with the aim of on-line booking; sending further notifications to the National Centre for Personal Data Protection, which in an entity that supervises the conformity of personal data processing with the provisions of the Law Nr. 133 on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Moldova and holds the Registry of Record of Operators of Personal Data.

According to the Law No.133 from 08.07.2011 regarding personal data protection and the Law No.71 from 22.03.2007 regarding Registries, “Fly One” LLC  is obliged to ensure the protection of each person’s rights, when such person is  providing  personal data to be processed and managed, assuring adequate conditions are deployed for the aims mentioned in this Policy.

“Fly One”  LLC is obliged to keep the confidentiality of personal data provided by any person within the website, by making reservations and purchasing tickets, in the way that is foreseen in the Law No.71 from 22.03.2007 regarding the personal data protection. By processing the personal data provided, the Company “Fly one” is obliged to take all needed technical and organizational actions for protecting the personal data of being damaged, blocked, copied, spread as well as against other illegal actions; the actions are meant to ensure a sufficient security level regarding the presented risks of the processing of personal data.

According to the Law No.71 from 22.03.2007, the persons referred as to subjects of personal data processing have the following rights:

  • The right to information (article 12)
  • The consent of the person regarding the processing of personal data (article 5)
  • The right of personal data access (article 13)
  • The right of interference upon personal data (article 14)
  • The right of disagreement (article 16)
  • The right of not being subjected to an individual decision (article 17)
  •   Free access to justice (article 17)

Any information provided by you will be considered as being with your express consent of your personal data to be used by “Fly One” LLC according to the aims mentioned in present Privacy Policy.

If you do not want your personal data to be collected and processed, please inform us about this and do not provide us such data.

If you want your data to be updated or withdrawn from our database, you can always inform us about this at the address: “Fly One” LTD, Chisinau, 17/2 Arborilor Str.

The aim of data collecting:

As you provide us personal data, “Fly One” LLC can use these data for the following purposes, if not specified otherwise:

  • To make sure that the information presented on the website  is relevant for your requirements.
  • To confirm on-line the services that you requested and to provide additional information regarding these services (operating schedule etc.)
  • To send offers, advertising and marketing messages.
  • To send information regarding advertising of “Fly One” LLC services by  mail, telephone, SMS or other communication means.
  • To pass over the personal data to the partners of “Fly One” LLC .

“Fly One” LLC  can disclose the personal data to third parties if requested by law and public authorities or in cases when these actions are needed to obey the legal regulations; to protect the property rights of “Fly One” LLC  and of the website, to action urgently in order to protect the personal safety of the company’s employees, users of the company’s services and products.

When “Fly One” LLC  is requested to provide personal data according to legal regulations or this is not allowed, only those data will be disclosed, that are needed to fulfill the purpose of the request.

Collecting of personal data:

Additionally, besides the facts mentioned above, collecting of personal data on the website involves online booking on the website or through “Fly One” Ltd agencies; requires providing of requested information and marked as compulsory, including personal data.

We use personal data collected within the website , by issuing tickets, for the following purposes:

  • To ensure transport services purchased by you.
  • To issue invoices for services ordered by you.
  • To make online payments
  • To ensure the security of the transaction/ of the online payment/ of the credit card by applying anti-fraud filters.

Personal data can be disclosed without your consent in case of disputes regarding frauds of public institutions.

Use of statistic data and anonymous data:

“Fly one” LLC can use statistic and anonymous data as a result of processing with the following purposes:

  • preparation of reports/ analysis
  • release of information for personal purpose
  • publications, upgrades, service offers from “Fly one”  LLC

Use of Cookies.

Cookies (the term also include “internet cookie”, “browser cookie”, “HTTP cookie” or just “cookie”) are files or information that can be saved on your computer or on mobile devices, with internet access  (smartphone or tablet) when you access the internet. The cookies are installed with the request of a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome) and cannot access the information from the computer/ device of the user. We mention that this technology does not contain software programs, viruses or spyware.

We use cookies to make the site more easy to use and to adapt it, through our offers, to your interests and needs. Cookies are used to increase the speed of your future activities and experience on our website. These refer to your preferences regarding on-line confidentiality or relevant advertising. In addition, we use cookies to compile anonymous statistics that help us to understand the way people use the website and help us to improve the structure and the content of the website without personal identification of the user.

How to control or to delete cookies?

Most of internet browsers are initially set to accept cookies automatically. You can change the settings to block cookies or to get notifications when cookies are sent to your computer or device (smartphone, tablet).

When you cancel the cookies that we use, you will not receive personalized information when you visit the website Fly One.

In case you use several devices to access or to visualize the site (PC, smartphone, tablet) you have to make sure that the browsers from each device is set according to your cookies preferences.

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