Pregnant Women

February 10, 2017

In order to be accepted on the airplane’s board, the pregnant women must provide the following documents:

  • If the pregnancy term is between 28-32 weeks (inclusive) it is mandatory to present a medical document, signed and stamped, which attests the aptitude of completing the flight. The certificate must be issued with maximum 72 hours prior to the flight and will be presented at the flight.
  • In case of the women whose pregnancy term exceeds 32 weeks and until 35 weeks, including the pregnancy complications, the presentation of the medical certificate, signed and stamped, that attests the aptitude of completing the flight is mandatory, along with the MEDIF form, completed by the personal doctor, and confirmed by the company’s doctor.

Only women with pregnancy term of up to 35 weeks, provided that the pregnancy has no complications, it is unique and the above requirements are respected and the women with multiple pregnancy, with a term of up to 32 weeks, with no complications and the above provisions respected, can be accepted on board.

The MEDIF form can be downloaded and can be sent, after completing it, at the email address [email protected]

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