Passengers with reduced mobility

February 10, 2017

Accepting persons with locomotor disabilities on board is based on two main factors. These are:

  • The ability of the handling agent to provide such kind of services (the necessary equipment and the instructed personnel)
  • The limitation (the maximum number of PRM on board, depending of the airplane type and acceptance on board of certain PRM categories)

Ensuring the comfort during a trip for a person with disabilities involves a series of factors like the health state of the passenger, the required equipment, the aerial transporters and, not last, the type of the aircraft.

This is why it is necessary for the passenger to request the service for the people with disabilities with at least 72 hours prior to the flight, so that the transporter can make all the arrangements necessary for that. The given request is usually made in the moment of the ticket’s booking, when the agent introduces all of the necessary information.

In case that the passenger has certain diseases, considered medical cases, the company Fly One will additionally request medical certificates that attest the health state of the passenger. Therefore, the special MEDIF form will be completed by the healing doctor of the passenger and sent to the company.

You can request the forms, fill and send them to [email protected]

It is very important to us to know to what extent your mobility is affected. You can find some guidance in these three categories in order to establish the disability degree:

  • WCHR – Wheelchair Ramp: the passenger requests the wheelchair just to pass long distances and is capable to climb stairs without assistance;
  • WCHS – Wheelchair Steps: the passenger can pass short distances on his own feet, but cannot climb stairs;
  • WCHC – Wheelchair Cabin: the passenger requires permanent assistance. He cannot get on board without another person’s help and his own wheelchair is a continuous necessity.

In case that the passenger is going to travel with the personal wheelchair, he will contact the transporter in order to inform it regarding the weight, dimensions and other special characteristics (for example: pliable/non-pliable, sport/electrically auctioned, etc).

The electrically powered wheelchairs, working on a battery, are accepted to the transport only based on special conditions. First of all, these batteries need to be dry or with gel, in order to avoid liquid leakage, and must be disassembled in order to be separately isolated, before taking off. The electrical wheelchairs, powered by wet or lithium batteries will not be accepted to be transported.

The company Fly One does not perceive any additional taxes (free transportation) for transporting the mobility equipment (wheelchair, crutches or auxiliary equipment). The equipment is transported only in the luggage department.

Pet guides for PRM

The pets that accompany a passenger with reduced mobility are accepted on board absolutely free of charge and the passenger will inform the company about this fact at the moment of booking the ticket.

The Guide Pets are accepted, provided that the following conditions are complied:

  • The weight and size are not restricted
  • The passenger needs to have a certificate, confirming the status of Animal Guide
  • They are not allowed to walk around the cabin
  • They must not occupy a seat
  • They must not be placed in a container
  • They need to wear a muzzle and a leash

The passengers with (partial) hearing and visual deficiencies

If the passenger has (partial) hearing or visual deficiencies, it is recommended that he informs the agent/company, when booking the ticket, in order to receive proper assistance. There is no need to present any confirming medical document.

The passengers that don’t see or hear can travel only if accompanied. The passengers with reduced mobility or sensorial perception deficiencies can express their preference for the seat occupied on board. Out of legal reasons related to the flight’s safety, they can be restricted on certain rows (for example: the safety exits).

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